Step 2 To A Better Future

What is the biggest problem all but perhaps 1-2% of have?  We don’t have enough money.  Therefore, it is imperative that we find a way to provide money into the public stream without adversely affecting society.

Current process:  An organization or individual needs money to further their interests, so they enter into a contract with a bank for a loan.  The bank creates money essentially out of nothing with interest attached.  You see, all but about 10% of the deposits made to a bank are considered to be available to lend out.  But since the customer bank account balances never change, this money is created out of nothing.  When this money is created though, it’s created with that interest which means more debt was created than money.  In that self-defeating process, we are guaranteed to be overwhelmed in debt forever.  It’s all just a matter of us accepting that our debt is going up and up and up.  It also means that things like foreclosure are byproducts of the flaws in the system.  Also, because this money was created out of nothing and at a debt, it causes inflation making the money you have worth less, even if you had nothing to do with the loan process whatsoever.  Inflation, debt, foreclosure, counterfeit money.  These are things that can and should be at worst reduced, but ideally eliminated, if at all possible.

Proposed process:  Government is ideally, the “will of the people.”  Therefore, I propose that the government alone has the power to create money which it supplies through two avenues.  The first avenue is in the form of a daily stipend that allows every individual person an amount of money to survive on in the form of food.  Granted some people will spend that money on unnecessary items, but then they’ll either learn their lesson for the next day, or die off of starvation after too long.  I think most people can find it reasonable for them to learn their lesson sooner or later. 

The second avenue is through a method we already use.  Public service projects.  Public works provides services that the public agrees is necessary to each particular community.  If government has the ability to create money, then they will be able to offer contracts to organizations that are willing to “help the community” so to speak.  This allows the community to stay debt free while always being able to offer an incentive to people to help when necessary.  For instance, during hurricane Katrina, if government had the ability to offer x amount of dollars to companies to go down there and brace the state instead of contemplating the cost effectiveness of it.  I’m sure some company would have been willing to do it.  Because money is no longer created out of debt, inflation is no longer a constant.  As people generally become wealthier, more money will be necessary to offer, meaning inflation has occured.  However, that can only occur when the general public, as opposed to only the wealthiest, increase their financial stability.  How?  Because someone will always be able to do as good of a job, or better, for a cheaper amount of money.  This keeps people willing to offer their services at bargain prices, while keeping inflation at a pace that is consistent with the overall increase in wealth.

I recognize that government officials will have quite too much power, which brings me to…


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