Step 3 To A Better Future

Government is supposed to be the will of the people, therefore make it the will of the people.  Communication technology has made it possible that we should be able to coordinate an effective way to ensure that we, as individuals, can vote for ourselves, instead of paying a representative to do it for us.  If people don’t care enough about a subject, then less people will vote for it.  Public policy will be just that, instead of the policy of the few who are paid by the corporations.  If a corporation wants to buy votes, then they can buy the votes of everyday citizens directly, instead of giving it just to the lawmaking elites, who are already rich.

This goes without saying, I think, that those who vote don’t get paid anymore.  So how does government decide on which contracts to approve?  The people vote on each and every one.  They hold contracts on every service necessary to the public, and the public votes on every one.  People that care to vote will, and those that don’t won’t.


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