Step 5 To A Better Future

The symbiotic nature of laws is that they will invariably make criminals.  Therefore, instead of utilizing “laws” per se, we utilize a different approach and call it the rule of conduct.  Do not infringe on another’s right to choose.  This means that things like killing are not allowed due to the fact the killed individual has no choice on how to live their life any longer.  However, drug laws and other various oppressive laws are also “illegal” since government can’t infringe on the individual’s right to choose either.  Taxes would fall under the category of “other various oppressive laws” as well, but they would be obsolete since government creates money.  In order to accomplish goals such as reducing crime rates can be achieved without the threat of punishment, but in cases when the rule of conduct is broken, restitution will be made.  However, public policy will dictate the best punishment to the alleged “criminal” in a manner that effectively reimburses the plaintiff and/or prevents the action from happening again.  Assuming step 1 has been in place for enough time to take effect, most people will be willing to find the most effective solutions.

Also, all intellectual property laws are abolished since intelligence is ever increasing, and therefore counterproductive to restrict it.  Hampering the advancement of intelligence only promotes a society based on ignorance, when a society based on rational intelligence is the most effective at bringing about a more ideal society.


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