Government Spending

Government spending is a controversial topic.  It is because of the consequences of it, which are of course, taxes.  If we are being forced to pay taxes on government spending then we want it spent on only the most important projects.  What constitutes important?

Government spending is necessary for our economy to thrive.  It is what allows us to reduce unemployment and provide much needed services to those who need it most.  From law enforcement to reconstruction to welfare.  To someone somewhere, they find each of these things important.

It is the belief of Steve of government should spend but find ways to eliminate the negative effects.  If government spending is good but one effect is bad, then fix the one bad effect and we have a healtheir system.

The things government spends money on are the things that are designated the most important via the will of the people.  Therefore, nothing should stand in the way of improving the lives of Americans.  Especially when they are being productive providing goods or services necessary to the public.


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