When you think of the halls of Congress, what do you imagine?  Endless bickering by a bunch of people wearing expensive clothing and jewelry, not getting much accomplished, sound about right?

There are good reasons why Republicans and Democrats continue to exist for as long as they have.  Mainly, they both have viable points in their arguments.  So it would be foolish for any Republican or Democrat, or supporter for that matter, to believe only one party has all the right answers on any topic, let alone all of them.

When it comes to creating the future, as government does, it would be pertinent for us to take every good idea or point, regardless of its source, including independents. 

This is why Steve supports “polypartisanship” over bipartisanship.  “Bi-“partisanship inadvertanly leads listeners to believe that there only two sides to any issue, which is just ludicrous.  There is not one human being that has all the right answers and not every human being is a Republican or Democrat.  Therefore, it is only fitting that we recognize the importance of people regardless of their beliefs or polital ideology.  Conservative vs Liberal or Republican vs Democrat should be a thing of the past, for it does nothing but give us a reason to bicker.

Resorting to any base when uncertain of a particular stance on an issue is dangerous.  It can lead us blindly in the wrong direction.  The most intelligent strategy would be to listen to anyone (within reason) who has viable viewpoints to each issue, and then try to find a solution.  It shouldn’t be just go with what the Conservative or Liberal thinktank says to go with.  These institutions are just as faulty as individual human beings with the false assurances that they have deliberated over every viewpoint to come up with the most acceptable solution.

Polypartisanship recognizes that you, each and every citizen, has a voice and it’s important for your government to hear you.  If they don’t listen, they wind up picking teams and fighting without feeling the effects that the individual experiencing the problem does.

A good idea is a good idea, regardless of the mouth speaking it.


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