What would make Steve a good Congressman?

Steve has an expanding desire to do more; to help as many people as he possibly can.  The best way he figures he can help the most people is by taking a leadership role in the socially driven entity known as government.

Steve recognizes that most people can be taught almost any set of skills, given the proper learning opportunity for each individual.  He believes that if each of us recognize that, then we will not only be happier people pursuing our own desires while earning money, but it will also make society an overall better place.  Therefore he is using his own abilities to try and enable others to live the lives they choose, as opposed to the life they feel trapped in.

Steve’s main strength lies in his abilities to think, analyze and solve, the problems that plague us from an institutionalized source.  There is no reason that two opposing people or parties remain in bitter conflict if a solution is available.  The reason for the bickering is due to a lack of understanding (or desire) from each side to recognize the viability of their opponent’s perspective.

Government’s role in society should be one of benefit to the populace.  When government and those in leadership roles fail to listen let alone understand their constituents, it is time to replace them with more competent people.

Steve’s goal is to give all people real benefits from government while limiting, and in some cases eliminating the inefficiencies and obstacles to a happy life for each and every one of us.  When we live by man made laws, there is no reason for those laws to make our lives any more difficult.  It’s time for intelligent men (and women) to come up with solutions that make this into the great country we all want it to be.


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