Why Should You Choose Steve over Frank?

The ultimate question, no?

First, it’s important to note what abilities are required of a representative, regardless of ideology.  Their primary functions are to vote up or down legislation as it comes up.  To determine their vote, they require a certain amount of intelligence to research and ponder the topic to make a choice.  Think and communicate.

Frank Lobiondo has proven he can show up and vote.  But is he doing enough?  If a replacement can help initiate plans and ideas that will directly impact your lives for the better, then is keeping Lobiondo in a negative?  Think about it. 

What has Lobiondo done to solve problems such as taxes, inflation, unemployment, or debt?  Sure he’s voted to lower taxes, create jobs and cut programs, but did any of it solve the problem?  National debt has increased each year he’s been in office and now Steve wants to get us out.  His plan aims to avoid using the same tired strategies that just aren’t cutting it and present new ones.

Second, a desirable, though not required characteristic, would be selflessness.  Steve, although not perfect, shines in comparison to Lobiondo on this topic.  Steve relies on and strives for the most intelligent ideas for the country.  If Steve is benefitting in any way, it’s because everyone is benefitting.  He also does not ask for campaign contributions but that anyone who wants to see him in office campaign for him by word of mouth and the internet.  The two easiest forms of communication today.

Lobiondo on the other hand, receives contributions from various organizations from casino related organizations to unions.  Does that mean there’s anything wrong with taking campaign contributions?  No, but it would be easy to understand that if a piece of legislation came up that want against MGM Mirage interests (biggest 2008 contributor), an MGM representative would be able to meet up with Lobiondo and explain why he should do what he can to stop the legislation.  Having that representative there will help to remind him that if he doesn’t do as MGM asks, that he shouldn’t expect contributions from them anymore.  Regardless of how it might benefit the rest of the population.

There are various other techniques utilized by politicians to benefit the country and this district, such as being able to convince people we should try it this way or another.  But if Steve can convince you that he’s the best choice for our district, then he’s proven he can do that also.

Between Congressman Lobiondo and Steve, there is no contest that Steve is smarter and more selfless than his opponent.  Now we just have to vote him in.


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